Phase 1: We Become Experts

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Inline with how we think, Aggregate Content holds to a systematic set of principles that allow us to ensure we flesh out the best creative based on a well thought-out research and strategic platform. Before we create, we ensure that we have done our research. Our research is based on 6 places we examine for insight:


We  Question  You: We sit down with you and pick your brain - about problems, solutions, successes and failures, trends and fads within your particular world. We want to be experts on the subject of you and your cause. Who better to tell us than you?


We Question The Action: What is your goal? Is there a particular message or take-away, a call to action? Understanding what defines success for you is of the utmost importance to us.


We Look Inside:  Who are you? What have you done in the past that works? What have you done in the past that doesn't? We take an independent look into our client and get a feel for things.


We Look Outside: Who are your competitors/comparators? What have they done that has worked or hasn't? We can learn a lot from our peers and we make sure not to ignore them.


We Question Ourselves: What would we like to know or see from this particular brand/cause or item? We believe we have pretty good taste, so we rely on it.


We Question The World: Who is our target? We get out there and talk to them. Ask them what resonates with them. What they know about you, etc. If we're trying to talk to these people, shouldn't we actually talk to them?

Phase 2: We Create

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Now that we are well versed on where we stand and where we need to go, we get there. Armed with all of the essential information, Aggregate Content gets the creative juices flowing. With the core of the big idea properly defined, we are able to come up with at least 2 creative, yet executable choices to take you through. Once you have selected one of the options and we are all on the same page, we rally the production team and get to work.

Phase 3: We Execute

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Well-researched, creative and budgetary particulars approved we get to the stuff that really excites us. Armed with the best talent we know, we're off and running: locking down locations, cast, equipment, etc. All things in order, we shoot the f*&k out of it, take it to post-production, and lay the magical finishing touches.

Phase 4: We Release

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The project is fresh, looks amazing and you are thrilled with it. After you've shown it to your friends, kids, parents and relatives you put it online and hope for the best...I mean, your friends have 500 friends on Facebook and it has to be a hit if they put it up right? Not Exactly. 

There is a strategy for gaining traction online and we don't just leave you in the dust to fend for yourself. Right from the Phase 1, we are looking at how best to attack the proper release of your project to ensure that it gets in front of the the online influencers. We love her, but we need to get many more eyes on your project than your Aunt Bernice's social media network will allow.