Nolan Sarner - Creative Director

At the core of Aggregate Content is Creative Director, Nolan Sarner.  Based in Toronto, Nolan is an award winning filmmaker well versed in both commercial and narrative disciplines. This combination, of both a storytelling and strategic background gives him the tools required for creating and executing this new style of content for the web.  Knowing a product or brand is key, engaging and educating an audience is an entirely different beast. With Nolan at the helm, you get both. 

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We've Got Company

Along with Nolan comes his rolodex. Built over the last 10 years in both the advertising and film communities, Nolan has created some amazing contacts to come on board the particular project at hand. Whether it is a Cannes Lion award winning Producer, or a Craft Award winner at the Bessies for Cinematography, Aggregate Content has the contacts to crew a project to the highest caliber and we settle for nothing less.